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Jet City Cakes » Cake Info
Nov 3
Mission to Baltimore
icon1 evilgenius | icon2 Cake Info | icon4 11 3rd, 2009| icon35 Comments »

Last summer a friend of Kitty, our amazing intern,  took a trip back east and snapped this pic for us:

Jet City Cakes does Baltimore

Yes, that is a Jet City Cakes T Shirt outside Charm City Cakes in Baltimore. I have been meaning to get this posted for awhile but, well, uh…I didn’t.

Many thanks to Holly for taking the time to be so fashionable in Baltimore.

Sep 28
Wreckage Tour part 2
icon1 evilgenius | icon2 Cake Info | icon4 09 28th, 2009| icon33 Comments »

Jen posted to Cake Wrecks so now I can reveal what happened at the Cake Wrecks World Tour. Actually, the post is awesome so check it out yourself by clicking HERE.

But here is a picture of Heather, Matt, Jen, John and me at the event with our two cakes.

Sep 27
Wrecktastic Weekend
icon1 evilgenius | icon2 Cake Info | icon4 09 27th, 2009| icon32 Comments »

This Saturday we did a cake for Jen Yates of the fabu blog Cake Wrecks .  She and her hubby John did a book signing at Third Place Books in Kenmore and we busted our cakey freedom moves along with Starry Nights Catering and Cakes from Kirkland.   I am not going to post what we did quite yet, I am going to let Jen post first, but it was an outrageous team effort from both bakeries.    However, we are featured on the Cake Wrecks Sunday Sweets today along with Starry Nights and the others that have contributed to the Cake Wrecks “World” Tour add funny quotes around world.

More to come!

Paul – Evil Genius

Mar 9

This Thursday evening Jet City Cakes is participating in Waterways Cruises 16th Annual Spring Showcase. We invite everyone to come down and say hi and to check out not only our display but other vendors for your upcoming events.   RSVP by clicking here or going to . 

Mar 5
New Cakes and watersports
icon1 evilgenius | icon2 Cake Info | icon4 03 5th, 2009| icon32 Comments »

Yes, I know I am really bad about updating the blog. I have come to accept that. Thanks for asking.

We have new cakes posted! We now have a guitar and drum cake on the site so all we need is bass, keys and a glammed out singer cake and we are ready to tour!

For those of you in Seattle we are also participating in an open house for Waterways Cruises and Events on Thursday, March 12th in the evening. We will be showing off and schmoozing, two of my favortie pasttimes, and then perhaps enjoying a refreshing adult beverage afterwards. What a trifecta! Contact Waterways for more details if you would like to stop by. Click Here

This is shaping up to be an even busier year for us. Thanks for your support!


Evil Genius

Dec 15
Holidaze and Minions
icon1 evilgenius | icon2 Cake Info | icon4 12 15th, 2008| icon318 Comments »

It is that time of the year when all people of good heart turn to one another and say “HOLY CRAP IT’S COLD!!!”

In other news, Jet City Cakes has brought on our first official Intern/Minion! We welcome Kitty to the insanity that is cake. She is a very talented artist and foodie and has helped us turn out some really fantastic stuff including the recent Champagne Cake and Mt. Rainier retirement party Cake. Here you can see her utilizing her fantastic powers of concentration in the midst of our high pressure professional kitchen.

 Kitty has been a terrific addition to Jet City Cakes and we highly recommend that any high-end confection and dessert establishments that want to lure her away from us by maybe actually paying her to feel free to stick your tongues on the nearest flagpole.  You’ll be glad you did.  We have to go in now, the bell rang.

Oct 28

We made the top 5 in the Evening Magazine Best of Western Washington contest!  Not bad for the new kids in town.    Many many thanks to all of you who voted and supported us throughout the year.  To see the results click here!

Sep 23

Hey Kids,


We have been nominated on the King 5 Best of Western Washington blog!  Check us out HERE.

Thanks for all your support and great cake events over the past year.

Aug 29
When Videos Attack!!
icon1 evilgenius | icon2 Cake Info | icon4 08 29th, 2008| icon33 Comments »

Ok, I know that long intro videos on websites can be a major pain.  Folks just want to get to the content, cool pictures, snarky comments et-cetera.   But the thing is that we made a pretty spiffy video with a site called Animoto and want to show it off. Maybe we will put it on the Gallery page, but here is the latest remix.

Aug 11
One Year in the Bag
icon1 evilgenius | icon2 Cake Info | icon4 08 11th, 2008| icon371 Comments »

This month we celebrate the one year anniversary of Jet City Cakes!  And what better way to commemorate a wild year than with our biggest cake yet?  There is no better way, it was a trick question.   This month we did the Taj Mahal for a spectacular wedding on Puget Sound.

This is Paul at the wedding site after we had set it all up….in the wind….and the rain….

It was also our first delivery with the new graphics on the truck!

Duff and Mike have both done Taj Mahal cakes so I guess it is a kind of rite of passage for us to do one too.  Not bad for our first year.  Thanks to all of you for supporting us and we look forward to doing wilder and weirder things in the next year.

Be happy!  Eat cake!




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